Facebook asks for a photo of me and then deactivates my account, how do you avoid being blocked?

Submitted by alqm in AskRaddle (edited )

I've been creating accounts with totally different identities, including my real identity once and different email and phone numbers. As I was browsing some page about Linux, a message appeared saying there has been suspicious activities in my account. It locked it and asked for a photo of me that showed my face clearly. After I sent the only photo I have of me, they locked my account permanently. I don't know what else to try.



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throwaway wrote

Your best option is to avoid using Facebook. If that doesn't work for you, you should try to avoid being blocked in the first place. Facebook only asks for a photo of you if you've somehow gained a low trust score, e. g. by trying to hide your real identity.

  • Don't use Tor

  • Don't use a VPN

  • Don't use any proxies

  • Disable all anti-tracking and privacy plugins

  • Surrender your soul to Zuckerbot


alqm OP wrote (edited )

I know what you mean, but it's the only way to keep contact with the other activists from my country. They won't all change away from it. I always try to get people to use libre alternatives, but they're reluctant.

Anyway, your tips will help me get it right this time. I have been using Tor and uBlock (not together). I might try again using a new phone number and email, adding people slowly, trying to be more like a new user.