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robottroymacclure wrote

pardon me, i agree, aiming towards perfection is a fools errand. we still exist in an environment of limited cooperation and gamesmanship. there are only so many resources, others will attempt to take what you would share. what do we do about that? our autonomous collective still exists in the belly of the leviathan. is that acceptable and can we make peace? or do we have to win the battle of ideology?


happy wrote

If I actually owned my labor and I was sharing it, but people were taking more than I felt comfortable with them taking, then I would either stop sharing as much or simply stop sharing as much with those individuals.

If I am sharing that means that I want the products of my labor to be uses by others. Say if I had a garden and had too many tomatoes so I put some out on the sidewalk with a free sign and someone came up and took all of them I wouldn't be upset because I was sharing all of those tomatoes.