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robottroymacclure wrote

in limited conditions anarchism can exist. hierarchy is just as natural as cooperative engagement. if you want to limit hierarchy and emphasis cooperative engagement how do you do so without political cooperation and regulation of the commons? if we were all still in limited bands of hunter gatherers or lived on a rock in space anarchy would be appropriate in that instance. do you propose to somehow create the conditions necessary that we are all hunter-gatherers or space-farers? i think anarchy exists in a limited sense but free will is not real because we will always be embedded in these systems. individual autonomy exists freedom does not.


jadedctrl wrote

If free will isn't real (and we are entirely products of the systems we live in, acting only in reaction to our environments), we can still establish a culture of cooperation necessary to establish anarchism. Freedom might not exist, but we can still use our individual autonomy to change our environments, even if it's just a bit at a time.