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supernice wrote (edited )

Try not to freak out. It's in your best interest to keep as calm as possible, that's the only way you're going to be be able to plan rationally for whatever he might do.

If he was tailgating you for that long, he likely got your plate numbers and that's going to reveal all the info he needs. If he's truly a vindictive asshole, he might try something, and you need to be ready. So you have to keep your head cool. Let's just hope he's reasonable enough to just forget about it.


Dumai wrote

in my experience assholes like this love throwing around threats they never follow up on because it's enough for them just to intimidate people. we don't really know what he's going to do but i think it's just as likely he's not going to do anything


tamarack wrote

Vindictiveness is often tempered with (and in some cases canceled out by) laziness.

Any ordinary fuckstick pig can flash a badge and talk shit. Actually going and running someone's plates, pulling their file, that sort of fuckery--which, I should point out, is technically illegal outside the scope of a police investigation [albeit never prosecuted]--takes effort; and cops are lazy as fuck. Piggy has probably moved on to another victim by now.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to keep a weather eye, but let's not be overly paranoid. I say this as a paranoid motherfucker myself.