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retiredshared2 wrote (edited )

the votes in /f/meta

It isn't spam though, these are user comments and now you're only calling it spam to avoid the use of the word troll, which isn't mentioned in the tos

If you think trolling should be in the tos then perhaps you could raise that?


ziq wrote

This isn't a tos issue. People abusing the anon accounts to engage in petty personal attacks, trolling and malicious disinfo don't get a right to 'democracy'.

Throwaways and anon accounts don't have voting rights in f/meta. If they're misusing the accounts, admins have all the leeway they need to put a stop to it.

The anon accounts are a privilege, not a right.


selver wrote

The anon accounts shouldn't even be allowed to talk about meta issues here. Fuckin cowards.


ziq wrote

Next time I'll just delete my whole thread and repost it.