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OldHippieChick wrote

Unfortunately, since I am poor and have only my dreams.....

We essentially have one in my area and yes, I did support it with nine months of preganancy, eleven hours of unmedicated labour, five years of full time unpaid 24/7/365 childcare, ten years of full time homeschooling that precluded working for a paycheck, and three years of child support + emotional labour.

I would say that the mandatory military draft is the financial charity to which I have donated the greatest amount of my resources.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. I've got to pay for the fucking pine box out of pocket. They'll probably charge me for the goddamnedmotherfuckingcocksucking flag they drape over it too.

Fuck the military. Shoot your kids' kneecaps out instead or dose the fuck out of them with lysergic acid diethelymide tartrate or just don't have kids in the first place.