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Pop wrote

if we're talking about politicians as people who are elected into positions of power for fixed terms as part of a representative state system, then my feelings range from a kind of nonemotional wishing they didn't exist as such, to an angered fantasising their deaths

I support none of them

why do you ask?


selver OP wrote (edited )

Just curious, cause I generally find them inherently gross, was wondering if others felt the same. Even the more progressive ones seem to be deceitful, pandering, obsessed with respectability, opportunist, etc.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

I pay taxes. Alas, I financially support all of them.


OldHippieChick wrote

Same here. That's one of the main reasons why I'd rather spend more time making my own than more money trying to buy something with what's left after supporting more politicians or giving more support to the same politicians.


GrimWillow wrote

Isn't it funny how the politicians seem to mostly support corporations that are known for dodging having to pay taxes instead of the people that actually pay? By "funny" I definitely do not mean the laughing kind.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I think it’s probably more that our society necessitates hierarchy, so that if you want to do larger scale good you end up having to participate in illegitimate power. People go in with good intentions of changing things for the better and find themselves swept up in the current.

Specifically, in the US, I think the way we vote creates polarization and prevents new political parties from arising independent of a currently existing party. I think it’s accidental, but you end up having to tow the party line and ‘corrupting’ yourself if you have longer term goals.

I think ranked choice voting will go a long way to correct the problem if the current parties will permit it.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

local level politics (towns) is ok, I morally to support the ones I like (mostly green party where I'm from), I haven't arsed myself to vote yet tho.

Anything higher than is corrupt af if they have any chance of winning anything (be it economically or ideologically). I support philippe poutou because he's cool! I also support vermin supreme.


md_ wrote

In general, I'd say yeah, municipal-level politics, it can meaningful to participate (voting for council members, not for mayor), but I also haven't done it yet, because there wasn't a non-party affiliated list with ideas worth supporting yet, and running an electoral campaign for the municipal council is at this point not the priority of the far-left milieu in my town.


robottroymacclure wrote

they serve a necessary function in this version of society and i think it would be hard to have one without them. i feel bad for politicians in the way that human nature makes it almost inevitable that they will have to make the kind of choices no one else will or should have to. they exist on a bell curve just like any other group. on one end a few of them live exemplary lives of services on the other end a small minority only seeks to dominate and subjugate minorities and play factions against one another. most politicians are boring mediocre people, normal in their fear and prejudice. they inflict punishment on the great majority through their ignorance and greed but they are like us. we would do no different in that position. we should be building a society that emphasizes the most beneficial aspects of the, "political mind" but instead we are encouraging all of their worst behaviours. i would support someone i knew if they decided to run for office but i dont do enough research to justify supporting anyone else at this point. im pretty disengaged as far as that goes.