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ziq wrote

No I'm not 15.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Idk, but these terms seem, to me, like a way of devaluing a romantic or sexual partner. I think one of the ways people are being oppressed is by weakening our friendships and bonds, that way we never feel truly outraged until injustice happens to us personally.

Objectification, relocation, self-love, wellness culture, etc. are all used to get us to isolate ourselves.

Not that dating can’t be fun, light, playful, but I think people should be given more dignity and valued more highly. The polyamory folks have excellent vocabulary for respectfully describing non-monogamous relationships.

On that note, should we/do we have polyamory and non-monogamy forums here?


Dumai wrote

they're just easy gender-neutral terms for romantic partners

dunno how they exactly devalue anybody


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I have friends I'm romantically inclined towards but am not 'actively' seeing. I've never really felt like calling it other than just plain close friendship.


OldHippieChick wrote

Yea, I'm suddenly not asexual any more because of menopause and testosterone surges but when/if this shit finally stops, I want to "out" myself and have a close friend and enjoy my "girl crushes" as the innocent fun they actually are.

If it never does, I want either fuckbuddies or vibrator lessons and an "ask me anything about menopause without HRT" thread to vent and warn other people with ovaries about this menoshit.


sudo wrote

Nay. I'm not one for relationships.


OldHippieChick wrote

I've had "fake" partners before. I used to go to nude beaches with very attractive men who didn't want to deal with being hit on by the wrong gender and it worked out perfectly for both of us.

In retrospect I feel a bit bad about the dishonesty and the fact that I was just feeding into homophobia and transphobia instead of doing something about the root cause but I was in survival mode at the time.

I've got white guilt up the yin yang about how dismissively I treated my trans sisters before I knew any better, okay? This is a simple objective fact and it's getting dealt with. How can I overclock this "total recall" shit and hurry up and get to the fun part of using my cis privilege for good instead of evil?


365degrees wrote

As the song goes, I've got two loves. They don't tweet like birds though, the rest doesn't really apply. They're kinda far away so it's slightly awkward but we made it work somehow.