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alqm wrote

"Wanna get out of poverty? Start a company! Go out there and do something!"

Ha! Who's gonna do the dirty jobs if everyone opens a company? Capitalism doesn't work like that.


gone wrote (edited )

That three sentence quote, "Wanna get out of poverty? Start a company! Go out there and do something!", is one of the best bruise-kickers for the downwardly mobile. It's like a suicide bot if you don't think a dehumanized former person's life is valuable enough to waste a bullet to end it.

The demonized #asbs and #ash, on the other hand, turned out to be sweet, helpful suicide prevention sites that don't exclude people past their "expiration date" or those dealing with chronic and ultimately terminal illnesses.


Stapper wrote

Free competition is not “free,” because I lack the THINGS for competition. Against my person no objection can be made, but because I have not the things my person too must step to the rear. And who has the necessary things? Perhaps that manufacturer? Why, from him I could take them away! No, the State has them as property, the manufacturer only as fief, as possession.