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d5450 wrote

Sorry, not much into politics. I just believe in the US constitution fully, what's that ideology called. And I'm no psychopath parasite. I would prefer everyone live a happy and free life, but our reality is different.


DeathToAmerica wrote (edited )

that's okay but in the future don't make statements like 'I'm a libertarian' when you actually mean 'I'm a wealthy white guy who gets off gambling with people's futures and I worship a document written by slaveowning aristocrats'


d5450 wrote

I love how you make sure to include the word "white" in your statements, I bet you believe in white privilege. I'm not white by liberal definition, I'm slavic


ziq OP wrote

White people don't have privilege compared to non white people in your country?

I'm not white by liberal definition, I'm slavic