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rot wrote (edited )

"Donald Trump is not part of the ruling class elite." [sic]

-my father.


gone wrote

I'm sorry.

I have one of those kinds of fathers too, only fortunately he's a dyed in the wool Democrat so it's everything EXCEPT Trump and US Politics.

Our relationship improved greatly after his 80th birthday and when I was able to "take breaks" instead of trying to go all out NC forever 'n ever 'n ever and then beating myself up for "failing" because I love the asshole.


rot wrote

I don't know how to explain politics, especially to family. When t_d and facebook inform someones worldview how do you argue that? It's constructed reality.


gone wrote

I have no idea. Everything I personally try seems to be counterproductive. Finally I just stopped, tuned out all their , and realized that I am fucked no matter what (disinherited but not completely disowned) and this conversation/text/email may be the last chance I get to say "I love you" and/or ask a question that nobody else can answer.

My parents are pushing 85. I didn't mean to come off as if I thought this shit was easy or as if I had some sort of a magic bullet.

I think it's great that you're still communicating with your parents and wish you much luck. Don't let it bring you down too much if you can help it, okay?