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supernice wrote

I can't think of the worst but I can think of the weirdest. I was certain I was going to get beaten and dragged away, but didn't.

I was driving home through a crime ridden part of town at night. I got pulled over, but he never said why. He approached the car and started to scream in my face about bad driving. He was foaming at the mouth, I barely understood what he was going on about. When he asked for my drivers license, I held it up and when he went to take it, I pulled it just out of reach. I have no idea why I did it, I had not planned to. He went for it again and I pulled it away again. This happened maybe 3 or 4 times and he finally grabbed it but I wouldn't let go. His face was about 6 inches away from my own at that moment and he growled like an animal and pulled it out of my hand.

When he went to his car I was certain he was calling buddies to come pulverize me. He came back, gave me my license, yelled at me more about me being a terrible driver, then let me go without a citation. I was shocked.

Long story, I'm sorry about that.


Fossidarity wrote

Nice, cool that you got away with it without getting beaten up!


Ape wrote

She woke me up with a slap in the face.


ziq wrote (edited )

I wouldn't and couldn't pay his bribe so he almost killed my father.


ConquestOfToast wrote

Short story of it is I told a cop to go fuck himself for harassing some teenagers, things escalate, they beat me into the concrete. End up with misdemeanor disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer. They drop everything except the disturbing the peace to which I still ended up serving 45 days in jail. Wasn't awful, made some friends, and got a month off of work to instead read a book a day.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I got stopped in some dunk-ass town in Georgia walking down main street in broad fucking daylight to go get my wallet because the cultist-looking driver of a hostel I had declined to stay at drove off with it. Pigs roll up, ask me what I'm up to, and I've got my hiking knife with me. I tell them I'm gonna pick my wallet up at the desk of the hostel, and I've got my knife because it's legal to have in Georgia and I don't feel safe walking alone in a new town. Cop tells me the knife's fine, some do-gooder just called saying I looked 'suspicious'. Asks me my name, I give it to them. Leaves, comes back, saying to tell him the name on my birth certificate. I legally don't have to, so I tell him I left that part of my life behind five years ago. I don't even have an ID right now because my wallet's missing. I offer to show him my credit card with my current name if he drives me down to go pick it up. Dude starts getting aggressive, his buddy grabs my arm. I tell him not to touch me, I don't trust men and I really fucking don't trust cops. I'm not resisting or reaching for a weapon in any way yet. Dude gets rough with me, tries to cuff me even though I'm cooperating fully beyond not wanting to be grabbed. Fat motherfucker talking to me hits me (I swear to every god if you give me some shit about thin privilege over this porcine asshole), they try to restrain me, so I drop and struggle. Still not hitting them, but not letting them just fucking kidnap me off the street. Even in a stop and identify state they can't just grab you if they don't have reasonable suspicion. I get clouted in the head, they lift my skirt while I'm on the ground and it clicks. "Yeah, that's a dude." I'm about completely done with this shit. They hurl me up and I throw my head back and crack the fat one in the nose before getting shoved into a car. I hope I broke it. What follows is four hours in a drunk tank before the gaoler of all people looks at the 'charges' and decides to let me go. My knife got confiscated which fucked me over a few times on the trail after, and my wrist was sprained. My jaw's still healing from another fight, and they cocked it up pretty bad so it's gonna take longer to reset. Asked a buddy who went to academy about it later, best he could offer was "hey that's fucked up but there's nothing you can really do about it". Small town Georgia, not even once.


supernice wrote

Wow, that's some fucked up shit. I wish I could say it surprises me though. These assholes walk around with impunity and they know very well that nothing will happen to them.


robottroymacclure wrote

he pulled a gun on me because i was, "nervous". good times right?