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Franz_trashka wrote

You know, most of the time I like pizza. I used to be all about that meat lovers until I decided meat is pretty narsty. At this point I'm actually really happy with vegan cheese pizza with pineapple. Let me tell you though, I personally do not believe in an authoritarian society, but if I had any power over a branch of pew pew... I dunno I might get a little ahead of myself an order that all pizza must have pineapple under the threat of wedgies and public shaming by swirlie.


Random_Revolutionary wrote

^ Proof that every anarchist is a dictator in denial


rot OP wrote

Hey now, personally I see myself as a cult leader in denial.


Franz_trashka wrote

Nah just me tho possibibbly, thankfully I'm not smart enough to lead shit lmao. I can huck a brick pretty far!


tamarack wrote (edited )

vegan cheese pizza

That ain't cheese you're eating.

Here's an idea. See if you can get some good cheese. It doesn't even have to be mozzarella necessarily. Make sure it's from a reputable place with happy cows. (There are many of these in the northeastern U.S.) Acquire tomatoes, basil, and garlic. Basil even grows inside! Then equip a sharp knife. The sharper the better. Careful, though! With keen sharpness comes great responsibility.

Take pizza dough, stretch it over flat baking pan, drizzle and spread olive oil throughout

Chop up a tomato and some basil, sprinkle evenly over dough. Chop the garlic as fine as you can get it and sprinkle over dough. Grate cheese and sprinkle evenly over top of everything. On top of everything, add: black pepper, red pepper, and/or rosemary to taste.

Bake 12 minutes

Remove from pan, let cool until cheese is no longer volcanically hot, cut into pieces


Better than takeout, and cheaper too


malifica wrote

happy dairy cows.



tamarack wrote (edited )

Take a trip to Vermont and I'll show you some.

Our recent heatwave just broke; many of ANU's creatures are happier today than they were last week.