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GrimWillow wrote

You're in the wrong place if you think anyone here cares about state socialism. You look really bad when you prop that up as a straw-man. If you're confused on why people think you're a troll, this is one of the reasons.


OKC OP wrote

Are all non commies considered trolls here?


GrimWillow wrote

I don't consider myself a "commie", and no... I told you why would be considered a troll here, so you're just ignoring my message. Was it not honest enough for ya?


OKC OP wrote

If you're not a commie, what are you?


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

An Anarchist... So fuck state socialism. Why do you people keep coming in here claiming that Anarchists care about state socialism? Oh right, because your talking heads keep that idea on repeat, that we want to bring another stalin in to play.

If you bothered actually reading about what we believe, or even what we've been discussing, you'd find that we're staunchly against people like stalin, or mao, or any other state socialists...


[deleted] wrote (edited )


OKC OP wrote

It's a shame you would all rather attack me for asking questions than try to teach me. Could that be because there's not actually any functional differences between practical communism and on-paper communism?


BunnyBop wrote

Your questions are easily answered by doing the most basic amount of research. We're not here to babysit you. Fuck off.