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Zzzxxxyyy wrote

When did Raddle become a right wing troll board?


retiredshared2 wrote

are you gonna post this every time a right winger posts anything and gets downvoted into dirt, ignoring the majority of the posts

are you a troll too

im so confused


bloodrose wrote

I haven't had the occasion to ask before: is there a way to report trolls? This OKC guy seems to be here just to troll.


yaaqov wrote (edited )

Well, there's /f/TrollDissection, for discussion. But if they seem to have violated the terms of service, bringing them up in /f/meta for discussion of a ban seems to be the usual course of action.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

you can also mp an admin if you see them posting child porn or other nasty stuff! it'll be dealt as soon as they see it


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Only when it’s obvious they’re trolling. Not sure why that’s confusing.