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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

You can see love in the fiercest defenders against the capitalist system. You see love in the fists of Antifa. Love in the hearts of the Zapatistas, and in the determined stand of the land defenders in south america against capitalist resource extraction. From la ZAD, to Rojava, to the Anarchist Greeks, there is a burning passion. Love is in the heart of all the revolutionaries fighting in any way against the incredible tides of violent bare faced oppression, it is the biggest elephant in the room of our era (and it has been that way for a long ass time).

I mention this love specifically because many people out there like to talk about love, and then go shit on revolutionary action saying that "the hard left" is so hateful. Where liberals, centrists, and reactionaries seem to meet is on this idea that "Antifa are the real fascists!" "look at their techniques! They're stifling free speechh!!" and they completely overlook the fact that cops and fascists are tools to hold us down and kill us! How much blood has poured before these people can see the shadows of love and pain behind the eyes staring out from behind the masks you find in a black bloc? How many times do massive slaveshops in Bangladesh have to burn before they notice the wickedness behind the forces of these clothing shops? How could you solute a flag that has been found guilty of some of the most enormous acts of demonic hell action while suggesting that you worship a god of "love"?