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bloodrose wrote

I used to not understand 'love'. I had a therapist once ask me if I loved a boyfriend I was seeing and I demanded she define the word before I could answer the question. Then I felt love. I told the therapist how I felt about the man I was in love with, I said "I'd rather sit there arguing with him than not have him be there" and she said, "bloodrose, that's love!" Now that I have a child, holy shit, do I know love is real. It's a different love than for another adult and it's fiercer, more intense and so primal. With adults, the chemical that causes you to feel love fades in about 5 years and you either have to do something to restart the chemical process or remember how it felt before. My kid is 4 and there is no fading on this chemical at all. I could just sit there and listen to her babble until the end of time and still be happy.