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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

A giant waste of money that at any time could be an even gianter waste of money that advances the military might of US Empire


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I like how Doctor Bones put space travel, specifically militarizing space. It's ejaculating the most foetid and disease-ridden load onto the last pristine face we'll see. I don't give a fuck about space travel, if aliens want to come see us they'll come see us, and I'd rather all those resources be put back on the planet where they belong and used to actually improve the lives of the people living here instead of fantasizing about going to Mars so we can ruin that too. I mean, hell, Americans didn't even want to go to the moon, any more than they wanted cars when they came out. It took a hell of a lot of lobbying for it to even happen, and ultimately amounted to nationalistic dick-waving instead of any kind of scientific breakthrough.


GrimWillow wrote

It's our space program like how the farm is the cow's farm. Who cares if the farmer wants to expand their death camp and explore. We need freedom.


ziq wrote

I guess I'd rather they waste your money on that than on invading and pillaging everyone else's lands.


rot wrote

For now it's a waste. Tech can help us and nasa develops that tech but if it never reaches the masses in any useful way what good is it?