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ziq wrote

And if someone with 'morals' would say something that shitty about someone, I sure am glad I don't have it. Fucking asshole.


leftous wrote

You brag about having no morals, so that's not even a defamatory statement.

And yes it's part of my moral code to troll trolls. So it's for a noble cause.


ziq wrote

you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Morality is a spectre. I have ethics. I have a conscience. I'm not a sociopath, despite the ableist claims otherwise. Mocking tankies and transhumanists doesn't make me Lex Luthor ffs.

it's part of my moral code

you total douche


elyersio wrote

How come every time you defend yourself, it consists mostly of attacking back?


ziq wrote

How come every time you bug me it makes me vomit a little?