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ravengrace wrote (edited )

  • destroying/ cutting off sources of food and water through industry and displacement
  • indigenous children are disproportionately apprehended by social services and removed from their communities. Disproportionate amount of deaths within the system.
  • police and industry workers are responsible for thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (meaning the police and industry workers are directly murdering them)
  • industry brings "man camps" to small indigenous communities, sometimes doubling the population with white men who bring sexual assault, drugs, and violence to the community
  • The history of genocide including residential schools, reserves, etc, is quite recent. There are still people living today who lived life pre-colonization. -assimilation -making sure indigenous people are in a state of poverty so extreme that they feel their only way to survive/ have any quality of life is accepting resource extraction on their land, mostly owned by american companies
  • Do your research before asking questions like this

Copenhagen_Bram wrote

what's wrong with my question?


ravengrace wrote

its just a lot of emotional labor when you could have googled it or read a book. :) (I don't mean that sarcastically)


Copenhagen_Bram wrote (edited )

oh, sorry

yeah it is sad :(

and thank you and ziq for doing some of the research for me. I'm doing some research of my own. Funny how it's called the "Indian" health reservation.