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OKC OP wrote

But colonization is much different than the Holocaust. They weren't colonizing Jewish lands, they were exterminating them for being Jewish. Not because we needed to spread across America but they were hostile to it like happened with the Indians.


GrimWillow wrote

The colonization of the americas not only includes bigger and longer holocausts, but nazi germany was a thing a much shorter amount of time than US has been a thing. Throw in all that modern stuff that gets ignored like vietnam, gulf war, korea, afganistan, iraq war, etc..and you got yourself one doozy of an evil empire that you're defending there.

If you don't believe there was a deliberate extermination of indiginous on Turtle Island, here's an easy to digest starting place about US's history:


retiredaccount wrote

Again- Generalplan Ost. The Holocaust was colonization; the Jewish people were exterminated, yes. But they were mainly from Poland, and to be replaced with Germans. They also slaughtered a near equal amount of Slavs to Jews, if you look at the statistics. Generalplan Ost was a long-term colonization plan regarding Russia. Read about it and come back, please.