Is it even worth engaging reactionaries? Would it change anything at all if you worked your ass off and somehow managed to change their minds on a few things?

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They'll still be holding up the whole brutal hierarchy on their backs, whether they're openly racist and xenophobic or not. They're not going to abandon their massive privilege in society or ever really bite the hand that feeds them, whatever propaganda you feed them. They have a vested interest in maintaining inequality, racism and worldwide misery so they can maintain whatever creature comforts they have.


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Bigfluffytail wrote

It's not so much convincing the reac as it is countering their propaganda towards a third party. It's rare to engage 1 on 1 without anyone around. It's to let them know they're opposed and can't say reactionary shit with no consequence.


Pop wrote

I have reactionaries I care about so it's good practice


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

You might convince a few, but they’ll wake up the next morning with a renewed sense of privilege and forget all that progress like a bad dream.

I sometimes make the mistake of thinking they’re honest people who just haven’t had their assumptions tested. Mostly because I grew up conservative and unintentionally racist. But I also didn’t have access to any information contradicting my world views. These days anyone can read for 15 minutes about white privilege or systemic racism, if they can muster up enough curiosity.

And that’s the rub. If they haven’t allowed themselves to be curious, they’re willfully ignorant. It’s not the ignorance that’s the problem, it’s the willfulness.

I don’t know where the willfulness comes from, but I haven’t yet found a way to combat it in discussion or debate.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

No, it is one of the worst uses of your time and energy. There is no argument that can convert a reactionary.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

imo we (radicals) have a higher impact talking to liberals or lesser left radicals than to enemies.


sudo wrote

It depends on the person. It's usually pretty easy to tell whether they're willing to listen to you or not. If they are, gently nudge them away from their reactionary political views. If not, don't waste your breath. Find someone else who is willing to listen.


conservative_raddle_fan wrote

Classing everyone you disagree with a reactionary or a fascist means you slowly chisel your inner circle down to a handful of people that agree with every thought you have and reject every thought from outside your safe place. That's a sorry way to go through life...


Dumai wrote

there are plenty of people i disagree with who aren't reactionaries or fascists -- i mean for one thing i'm a devout christian and here i am on raddle

doesn't change the fact there are a lot of reactionaries about, does it


asg101 wrote

I was raised in a fundie x-tian family and bought a lot of the BS when I was younger. I am glad I had the chance to talk to people and was able to break out of it. I will now engage anyone, and try to plant logic bombs and seeds of doubt whenever I can. You cannot make a blanket statement that no one can change their minds.

As far as privilege goes... just having access to a computer, the internet, and the literacy and leisure time to use both is a pretty fucking privileged status compared to most of the people of the world, when is OP going to give up THOSE privileges and creature comforts?