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conservative_raddle_fan wrote

Classing everyone you disagree with a reactionary or a fascist means you slowly chisel your inner circle down to a handful of people that agree with every thought you have and reject every thought from outside your safe place. That's a sorry way to go through life...


asg101 wrote

I was raised in a fundie x-tian family and bought a lot of the BS when I was younger. I am glad I had the chance to talk to people and was able to break out of it. I will now engage anyone, and try to plant logic bombs and seeds of doubt whenever I can. You cannot make a blanket statement that no one can change their minds.

As far as privilege goes... just having access to a computer, the internet, and the literacy and leisure time to use both is a pretty fucking privileged status compared to most of the people of the world, when is OP going to give up THOSE privileges and creature comforts?