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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

I really like a lot of what they did, there's definitely a lot we can learn from their organizing and underground guerrilla war.


isobel wrote

There were several paramilitaries in Ireland called the "IRA". The Old IRA (1919-1922) split into pro- and anti-Anglo-Irish Treaty forces. These two factions went on to fight the Irish Civil War. The IRA (1922-1969), the anti-treaty IRA which lost the civil war thereafter refused to recognise both the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland, led an abstentionist policy. We saw, later on, the rise of the PIRA and the OIRA, as well as the IPLO.

The Troubles began with protests against Protestant/Unionist discrimination against Catholics/Nationalists. The Nationalists were accused of covert Republicanism and were met with extreme police violence. This led to internecine, inter-communal conflicts between Unionists and Nationalists/Republicans, which gave rise to the formation of paramilitaries, both Unionist and Republican, which fought in the Troubles.

If we want to discuss the IRA, we need to have a clear idea of which IRA, because there were and continue to exist several.


WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

Love their music! From what little I've read about them they seemed like a great cause, though not especially anarchistic in ideology.