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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm happy with people using the word comrade, though I don't. It's probably also associated with very different things where I'm from - usually anti-colonial liberation movements.

I don't cringe much at people, I think. Mostly just critique. But probably I'd say various elements of leftism itself, as instantiated in much of the places I spend time. It's just largely outdated, often class-reductionist and workerist, often nationalist (in the African nationalist sense, not the white nationalist sense), and just rolling through tropes that will by my best judgement lead nowhere. It's also almost invariably statist and patriarchal. eh. Really its more just bad (and therefore painful) than cringey.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I don't have anything against "comrade" either. It's just a word, not an ethnic slur. It seems an odd thing to get upset about, though if someone else were to call me on my usage, I would say, "Sorry," and try not to use that word, because I recognize that other people aren't identical to me and have different thoughts, feelings, and emotional needs than I do. It's called "not being an asshole" and it's sad how so many seem to suck at it.