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LostYonder wrote


Why can't we make our own beer, biodegradable soaps, publish our own books??? Yes, we are dependent on goods being traded, shipped, and made available but we don't have to be dependent on particular or singular corporations that attempt to corner the market on particular produced things.

Can't we rethink economies where corporations or their particular goods/brands are the defining feature? How is it that even our own desires and tastes are defined by a corporation?


bloodrose wrote

I've been racking my brain since this thread popped up and I can't think of a single company worth keeping. Goods can still be produced without companies. In fact, if we don't have companies using psychology and advertising to make us want stuff, we would probably create fewer goods. We'd really only create things we needed.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

the disappearance of mozillla foundation or any other companies heavily contributing to floss would make me sad, but since the programs are floss, they'll be forked and life would carry on.

atm I can only think of heinz, their ketchup has a particular taste that I cant find in other ketchups.


Thorinth wrote

I mean, it'd suck to not have the local credit union, I'd need to face a bank then.


suterussu wrote

I haven't been a fan of much of their newer products, but I'd still probably feel melancholy over the disappearance of Sony. They've done beautiful things with industrial design over the years and I've always respected that aspect of their products, regardless of how wrapped up they are in luxury/lifestyle consumption.

Actually I'd probably say the same about a lot of Japanese companies with more down-to-earth design philosophies. Innovation, reliability, elegant simplicity. Honda, Nintendo, etc... Regardless of how they fit into a larger system of commodity production, I think a lot of the things they've made are respectable as objects.


ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote

Seventh Generation. They are the only eco biodegradeable brand in my area for household goods, like dish soap and laundry detergent.

There's also this small section in the corner of the grocery store at the end of the meat isle that offers meat without growth hormones. I hope we don't lost that section.