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asg101 wrote

Kinda surprised to see this CIA invented derogatory and dismissive terminology used in a forum that should be encouraging resistance against such crap.

"Conspiracy Theorist" was created to discredit those that don't buy the "official narrative", and you are playing right along by perpetuating the slur.


Dumai wrote (edited )

perhaps but there is also a notable political subculture of people who self-identify as "conspiracy theorists" and these people's politics are generally far from left-wing

look if people think jews run the world or that academic institutions have been overtaken by cultural marxists for the purpose of "destroying western culture" then of course they deserve to be mocked


ziq wrote

While I agree the word is derogatory when used by the state to scoff at anyone questioning their narrative, you can say the same thing about the word 'anarchy' which is also used by the state as an insult. And since there is no better umbrella term to describe false flag attacks, gov assassinations, corporations giving peoole cancer, etc, conspiracy will do.