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raindropq wrote

not the gross shit, whenever possible


OldHippieChick wrote

I used that sh*t for years and spent a fortune on it and it didn't even work! My top teeth all fell out anyway.

I just use water or baking soda on my remaining teeth. It's the physical action of removing plaque that cleans them anyway.

I have no idea why oil pulling reduces chronic pain and I neither know nor care if it is just psychosomatic because of PTSD from @$$hole fake plastic tooth mask salesmen screaming classists pejoratives at me and literally spittiing in my face to punish me for not purchasing their overpriced and unwanted products.

/vent over


ziq OP wrote

My teeth got destroyed because I brushed with baking soda for a year. Ripped off the enamel.


raindropq wrote (edited )

chewing herbs like Oregano is good . the electronic water-pick feels pleasant compared with regular floss and is effective , there was a brand-new one in this house i found.


happy wrote

Bentonite clay. Feels different than paste but my mouth feels clean. I dont brush as often as my terth would like though :shrug: