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Diff55 wrote

This, holy crap. Walk in here 2 minutes ago and the first thing I see is some drama about the matrix chat. What in the world is this?


noordinaryspider wrote

I am seriously a clueless outsider about the drama and my first reaction was self-flagellation for not lurking longer or understanding the community better before I started posting links.

I'm terrified of adding more drama and more stress to a community that is already struggling.

I also see some ageism that might be just as invisible to you as my own bias and the failure of my bumbling good intentions towards supporting my trans sisters and brothers is to me and am just vain enough to think we might be able to calmly and dispassionately and mutually help each other out about that.

If I'm mistaken and my comments and links devolve into flaming and unwanted-poster-disposal strategies this could cause even more drama, which is the last thing I want to do. I'm tired of being a "token freak" and a "controversial character" and would prefer to leave you kind people in peace to work things out among yourselves.


ergdj5 wrote

You seem to have interesting age politics stuff you know, you should post about it, people will be interested!