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throwaway wrote

The drama has been here for over six months, constantly. There was the Defasher drama, the drama when emma left, the drama about ziq using alts to manipulate and decieve, the drama about the developer of some concensus platform who also left, amongst_clouds leaving, a lot of old transhumanists leaving, a lot of anprims leaving back in the day too, the drama over the fucking color of the Raddle frog, about the communist seal at the bottom of the page (which has since been removed), the drama about choosing new admins when leftous suddenly got attacked, oh mother fuck i could go on and on and on.

Some people here (we all know who, don't we?) is exceptionally good at spawning infighting, and they're not leaving anytime soon. The general unwritten rule seems to be: get used to the drama, or get out.


ziq wrote (edited )

Funny how every thread like this fills up with spiteful passive aggressive alts making drama while complaining about alts and drama.