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OldHippieChick wrote

I still felt that way on Diaspora* and had to close my account. :(

I'll pass on the armchair psychoanalysis. Some of us are simply more vulnerable to the kind of mind control and manipulation of our dopamine levels that the surveillance capitalism web like Facebook used to hurt us. We get triggered.

Raddle is not corporate. To the best of my own knowledge, we are not being deliberately manipulated to be stuck here and spend more and more time here.

We can, however, learn to recognize our own sensitivity and respect it. You are a kind presence here and a thoughtful one. Your time is not wasted. Your honest, vulnerable communication with me today has made a very positive difference in the life of one random stranger on the internet.

IMNSHO, you will be remembered and welcomed back if you need to take a break, let others deal with fixing the drama issue, and do something else for awhile.


raindropq wrote

thanks, i will try to be more entirely elsewhere now, then. yet the potential for seeing again will persist around me, enchanting like that forgotten forest in dreams. and this is a confounding paradox, the mad hatters tea-party