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gone wrote (edited )

Lots of relevant information

Lots of new-to-me information that is not easily accessible on corporate/mainstream media

Lots of different forums for different interests

Privacy-conscious and with pre-existing security culture

Friendly and welcoming community when I opened my account a short time ago

No proprietary javascript necessary


Amy wrote

It's small enough that I managed to get this username. I'm never pulling this off on another website.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

the community is woke, we can speak about engaging stuff without going through anarchy 101 every time. Also there are no bigots.


bloodrose wrote

I agree with this one. The comment threads are often sparse but when I go in, they're usually pretty good. The woke comments are the top-rated and the one thread I saw that had some non-woke comments, they were in negative territory.


throwaway_molotov wrote

News updates, insights into different tendencies, helpful FOSS people.


throwaway_molotov wrote

Also there's not tons of peeps on here so it's possible to actually skim thru all the replies or have a conversation without a thousand random people jumping in.


anarcho_pirate wrote

Back when it was first created I thought it was just for tankies or people who were too provocative to not get banned from Reddit, but I came back more recently and it seems to have more stuff regarding the intersection of the free software movement and socialism, which is rather to my liking.


raindropq wrote

opportunity for critical deconstruction of cultural tendencies in a group setting. people actively engaging with a trace of humour that -for some reason- interests my fancy./ in this place i feel some kind of commonality , like maybe there's some people here i'd like as friends , who might help me to clear a hurdle and become a satisfactory writer /


raindropq wrote

clear a hurdle and become a satisfactory writer<

i mean i want to participate in an ongoing communication with people of shared experience. i want to believe in the potential for scientific study/ puns, and storytelling to bring people together in a common thread, to fight, to commune. i don't give a shit for acadamia, higher powers or greater society. i care about individual people's accountability processes, holding space for conversation/growth, honoring habitat . this would be affinity as phenomenon rather than ideal thing, not only do i cry for it, i require it. i need to find it somewhere.


gone wrote

Yea, me too.

If Raddle doesn't work out and you find it elsewhere, could you drop me a private message?



raindropq wrote

Raddle doesn't work out for that, i think, but i expect that we could -more effectively- find it through working together


raindropq wrote

i don't have to look at capitalist news spectacle to keep-on tuning the intellect and sense of place


ziq wrote (edited )

It demonstrates how ineffective and reactionary the left is while also showing them how to be halfway useful if they care to be.


ziq wrote

It also has a strong non-western viewpoint, which is missing from other radical sites entirely.