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I’ve been reading that apparently Gen Z is really conservative and when they get to be voting age they’ll swing the US even harder to the right because they’re not nearly as leftist/liberal as Millennials are. That thought is really depressing. Do you think it’s true? I had always assumed Gen Z would be even more left than the Millennials since most generations are usually farther to the left than their parents.



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RuthlessCriticism wrote

As a friend of mine said, they may be conservative now, but wait until they enter the workforce.


ziq wrote (edited )

I think reddit / youtube / 4chan culture is poisoning a lot of young minds.


succtales_backup wrote

O see what you mean. I can't tell you how many muskrats go to the same school as me.


robottroymacclure wrote

gen z will be a much smaller population than the baby boomers and is already much more ethnically diverse and accepting of different lifestyle choices, which is awesome. it would be interesting if they can still be efficiently brainwashed into voting against their own interests as previous generation have been. the cynic in me believes they will be tho. i agree that people in their twenties and younger now do not engage in the same kind of risk taking behaviors we did (im am 36).


ergdj5 wrote

please never say iGen again first of all

I think its an overall polarized generation; lots of racists, but also a lot of anarchists (especially the PoC).


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

In france they have the potential to be the most revolutionnary in the last 40 yrs. Gen Z is woke, probably more woke than millennials imo. We have a political climate very different from USA thought: we have a culture of fighting against the gvt and the next few years are gonna be rock'n roll.

Context: Our baby boomers were woke and had made a huge amount of progress (mai 68), so our millenials didnt really feel threatened enought to radicalise themselves: there wasnt much major radical activity in france in the 80's and 90's afaik - lots of anti-nuclear and green stuff but nothing ~cool~

With our current times thought, gen z have access to every tool possible for radicalisation:

  • access to information and means to organise (tech)

  • a govt that is not kept in check anymore (during may 68 the gvt cowarded and gave french people lots of rights that they are slowly taking back)

  • old laws that are still in the people's favour: we take less risks if we do anything here than in other countries. With the new temporary-not-so-temporary anti-terrorist law it's less the case now.

  • dissilusion: times are getting harder again (less jobs, less education opportunity, the govt fucking us all, no money, etc). This is also a danger because it makes people more sensible to right-wing propaganda (LePen and and the worst iterations of islam)

  • a "fresh" battlefield thanks to the innactivity of milenials: they can fight for wtf they want.

On the other hand, gen Z is the most consumerist gen we've ever saw and they have all the flaws you can see in US gen z: "lazyness", lack of initiative, short attention-span.

diclaimer I'm white middle-class so I dont really have much insight on other social groups. Also there is probbly more than a bit of wishfull thinking in everything I said and I'm probably biaised.


parias wrote

I think we'll see much more political polarisation on both the left and right, as in, the formation of actual, popular communist/socialist and fascist parties when Gen Z comes of age. Social media encourages echo chambers to form which encourages polarisation of views.


UnbanTwin wrote

Can confirm. As a teenager (I'm old enough to be here, don't worry) I've lost a fair amount of friends due to them getting eaten by 4chan.