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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

In france they have the potential to be the most revolutionnary in the last 40 yrs. Gen Z is woke, probably more woke than millennials imo. We have a political climate very different from USA thought: we have a culture of fighting against the gvt and the next few years are gonna be rock'n roll.

Context: Our baby boomers were woke and had made a huge amount of progress (mai 68), so our millenials didnt really feel threatened enought to radicalise themselves: there wasnt much major radical activity in france in the 80's and 90's afaik - lots of anti-nuclear and green stuff but nothing ~cool~

With our current times thought, gen z have access to every tool possible for radicalisation:

  • access to information and means to organise (tech)

  • a govt that is not kept in check anymore (during may 68 the gvt cowarded and gave french people lots of rights that they are slowly taking back)

  • old laws that are still in the people's favour: we take less risks if we do anything here than in other countries. With the new temporary-not-so-temporary anti-terrorist law it's less the case now.

  • dissilusion: times are getting harder again (less jobs, less education opportunity, the govt fucking us all, no money, etc). This is also a danger because it makes people more sensible to right-wing propaganda (LePen and and the worst iterations of islam)

  • a "fresh" battlefield thanks to the innactivity of milenials: they can fight for wtf they want.

On the other hand, gen Z is the most consumerist gen we've ever saw and they have all the flaws you can see in US gen z: "lazyness", lack of initiative, short attention-span.

diclaimer I'm white middle-class so I dont really have much insight on other social groups. Also there is probbly more than a bit of wishfull thinking in everything I said and I'm probably biaised.