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suterussu wrote

first edition advanced dungeons and dragons player's handbook


Dumai wrote

i can't swear oaths as a quaker so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


sudo wrote

I'd take an oath on a hammer and sickle, since that's the most well-recognized symbol of communism. If it had to be a book, I'd probably take an oath on Lenin's State and Revolution, or Engels' Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.


ziq wrote

doesn't that kind of replace religion (the bible) with communism? Isn't that a little dangerous?


sudo wrote

Not as long as you don't literally worship the ideology. "Swearing an oath" on something is just declaring, "Here is an ideology that I value highly; in accordance with that ideology, I will tell only the truth." I see nothing wrong with that. Though if it's a bourgeois court we're talking about, I wouldn't swear on anything - I don't owe them the time of day.

I assume you're about to say something like, "But you do worship communism, though," so if you're about to say that, then no, no I do not. Don't make assumptions about people you don't know.


ChaosRocket wrote

The Theory of Businesses Enterprise by Thorstien Veblen. It was the book that made me realize capitalism doesn’t work.

Either that or I’d print out some fanfic and bind it as a book and take the oath on that.