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Mango wrote

Work sabotage, I hack all my former employers, very productive shit while at work. Along with the gangs at Uproot, we train the proles how to hack, make and build shit.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

That sounds really interesting! I hope you'll make some posts about stuff like that around here, assuming it's safe to do so.


Mango wrote (edited )

I made a Vimeo account for these stuff. Stay tuned, more videos coming!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

A few of my friends are illegalists / antiwork, e.g. trimming weed or doing sex work, and usually that helps them have free time.

Other friends try to find a way to work doing something they're good at that can be helpful, like academia, or community gardens.


coffeebird wrote

Everywhere is a battlefield. Organize your workplace against the boss!


Cheeks wrote (edited )

I'm still waiting on a UBI to fund my revolutionary activities. Haha.

Seriously though, you have to make certain sacrifices. Learn to live cheaply. I worked in IT 40 to 60 hours a week. Absolutely miserable, but the pay was good. I left that job and started a market garden/farm with a friend. I do that during the day and at night I work 20 hrs a week dispatching for a mom and pop restaurant delivery service that respects me and my politics though theyre silly liberals. I still find time to do food not bombs and other things every now and then, plus donate my overages to them. I would like to do more, like a guerrilla Cafe/restaurant weekly, best community building direct action tactic I've ever been part of in the past. Bartering and scavengimg goes a long way as well. Half of our veggies from the farm are traded for everything from booze to labor to massages, which every farmer knows the value of a good massage.


ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote (edited )

Well pretty much these are your options:

  1. Marry into the top of the social/economic political structure
  2. Become so sick, you qualify for disability, then scrape your way along the bottom of the social/economic political structure

Once you have accomplished that, you now have the resource: *Time
One of six aspects necessary to actually change anything.


elyersio OP wrote

What are the other 5? :o


  • why can't you How To Win Friends And Influence People your way to the top

  • yeh I think my mom and I are doing number 2


OldHippieChick wrote

Us too. It makes me angry that my "disabilities" are either iatrogenic, sociological, or completely fixable if I was in a different socioeconomic caste but it is what it is.

As we have discussed elsewhere, raising kids IS what I am doing to make the world a better place, but it's more like gardening than stamping out widgets at a factory and not all of my adult kids think the world wouldn't be better off if I wasn't in it.

Laughing at myself as I pull myself out of this funk finding out what happened to Rod Coronado, Marius Mason, ELF and ALF in general and looking a myself wallowing in self-pity because I don't WANT to grow watermelons or explain nature to a digital native, I WANNA BURN DOWN WALMART!!!!!!!!!!

I think it also helps morale to go a bit deeper than hero worship and recognize that the people we look up to struggle with the same issues we do.

hth anyway