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raindropq wrote

It irritates me, how people consider days off-work as vacation. for me, a Job is vacation of personal integrity. our adventures toeard beautiful place and leisure-time are rather an integration, and every day is holy.

we do eat-out sometimes because our imposing home-routine lacks in practical efficacy and we need to eat food. that said; i feel that sugar/gluten addiction and "stress-eating" is a significant problem for many, and i prefer to nurture a more healthy, ethical habitat / personal discipline.


Amy wrote

I eat out once or twice a week, usually when I've been busy all day and don't want to cook.

Travelling isn't something I'm very okay with. Airports are awful, stressful places and being away from the familiar for more than a week isn't fun for me. I'd rather just take time off work and relax at home.


ziq OP wrote

the answer is never on both counts for me.


OldHippieChick wrote

Same here for the most part. I have adult kids so once in a blue moon one of them might visit and not want to eat my food so they used to throw money at that problem.

They're ashamed to be seen with me so take-out is more appealing to them.

You're not missing much. Restaurant food sucks shit. I was into freezer cooking for awhile and that worked out for when I had a lot of kids and not much time.

NO judgement intended of wage slaves who have no choice in the matter. My diet wasn't the greatest either when I was juggling something like five jobs plus etsy store plus wasting time volunteering for some crap organization or another.

The last time I was supposed to go on a vacation it was a family reunion, only I didn't know any of the people and I still don't because they cancelled the flight because these other airplanes crashed into some towers in NYC USA and bla bla bla everybody's got problems.