If you choose to ignore your family’s racism and support of oppression for the sake of maintaining the relationship, are you also supporting the same system?

Submitted by Zzzxxxyyy in AskRaddle

I’ve told my family there’s only one conversation we can have until they acknowledge white oppression. They keep telling me to focus on the positive or do something and quit complaining. I’ve told them this is me “doing something.”

Looking at how many of my left leaning friends have right leaning parents, I think this tactic would work for shifting politics. From what I can tell, white people only respond to their own aversion to loss. It’s not like I’m asking them to do anything except watch some YouTube videos about things like understanding unconscious racial bias and mass incarceration.

Am I unreasonable?


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zombie_berkman wrote

I haven't talked to my parents in years after they said something about my gf being jewish and the cops got called. It honestly made my life 10x easier. don't regret it for a second


retiredaccount wrote

In response to your first question, yes, it is supporting racism. That said, we are supporting bad shit all the time just to be able to live in the world, and though it's worthwhile to challenge and push ourselves to be effective in our politics even at the cost of alienation from racist family members, I won't assume that this this tactic is right for everybody.

In response to your second question (and personal situation), I think its reasonable, especially if you've just asked them to watch some specific youtube videos. It does seem like a good tactic.

I should start collecting relevant artilcles and videos that deal with my specific location!


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Yeah, I agree, there’s no way to live “pure” in a corrupted system, but I hope the way I conduct myself within the system will lead to gradual change in the right direction.

I suppose this is the first time I’ve felt not exercising white privilege has cost me something. I’m ok with it, but it does drive home how pointless and wasteful racial oppression is.

I definitely need to start a collection of accessible educational materials as well.


selver wrote

Depends on whether your family influence the world or not. There are hordes of people whose opinions literally do not matter.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I actually think this is overly cynical. While the world seems huge, the exponential growth of our networks is nearly unfathomable. If each person knows 100 people, if you can make 100 people aware and they do the same, that’s 10,000. Granted, you might only wake up 20, who in turn wake up 20, but that’s still a huge net effect. Ideas can spread quickly through social networks, and I think boundary nodes can be the most valuable.