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raindropq wrote

all of the above?


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Because anyone in my area who shows interests just ends up turning me into a fetish and I'm sick of it.

I could get the booty all day long. It's bizarre how many cismen hit on me and when they find out I'm trans CONTINUE to hit on me. It was very validating at first... now it's old.


ConquestOfToast wrote

Pretty much why I swore off all cis men. Even the good ones are just complete fucking garbage.


amongstclouds wrote

Yeah, I've pretty much decided to stick with women. Though sometimes I do get curious as I've been with well over 28 women but at this point 2 men because they're all just so lame and you're right, even the good ones don't even try to think. :(


libre_dev wrote (edited )

Gender roles and autism. Mom suspects shyness, but it's more that I can't tell when someone is into me and I can't act on it for fear of social reprisals.

edit: Depression also doesn't help.


DissidentRage wrote

As someone who isn't autistic, sometimes telling interest is legit difficult. Different people have different ways of expressing it, and acting on something that would be one person's signal of interest with someone else can make for some pretty cringey awkwardness. You also have people who are very plainly interested but deny it or refuse to act on it, probably because of fears based on past history.


libre_dev wrote (edited )

Indeed. I'm just counting on the law of large numbers; so long as I'm out socializing and meeting new people on a regular basis someone who works should present themselves sooner or later. It's just overcoming how Sisyphean it feels


emma wrote

my jokes about the number 69 haven't proven to be very good pickup lines


buzz wrote

any sign of resistance to my innaction i do the race


selver wrote

General annoyance with being obligated to see people regularly.


Dumai wrote

if u knew what i looked like u wouldn't have to ask this question


robottroymacclure wrote

opting out of facebook/instagram means your out of the loop. if your out of the loop people look right past you as if you arent even there.


ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote

A mix batch of reasons from 50+% divorce rates, terrible economy, but mostly because I overworked myself through a terrible 2 year relationship for some girl using me as a stress sink, and I just don't want to deal with that anymore.


RuthlessCriticism wrote

I'm probably a schizoid, I fit most of the criteria for it, down to the inability/unwillingness to have any sort of emotional intimacy.


sudo wrote

Because I am solitary by nature.


Zooombooom wrote

As someone who hated being single, the best thing to do is just focus on other, non-romantic/sexual stuff in your life. You'll eventually run into someone who likes you. Kind of a bummer, but what else can you do?


noordinaryspider wrote (edited )

Probably because I value survival of the species over keeping my tits cute and perky, at least according to my disgusted parents. I've got a bunch of kids and they have a bunch of fathers.

Mostly it seems like a no brainer. If you find out the guy you're fucking is on crack and dangerous to your kids, you get rid of him. You don't feel anything. If some guy you meet at a party or a bar wants to do the nasty, you can't risk having them turn out to be a psycho and killing or raping your kids.

Now I look in the mirror and laugh. Why am I single? Because I'm old enough to be your grandmother, silly!

So that was fucking fucking. What a stupid waste of time. I can't believe I actually bought into that shit for as long as I did.

I don't like guys I don't like their lies I don't like their beady, greedy eyes I don't like the way they stab you in the back And don't even have the decency To step over your corpse

If I really wanted a partner, I'd just buy one like everybody else does.


DissidentRage wrote

I am recently single because of my not being a liberal and thus having a "negative" view of everything.

That said, being on the market again after almost 7 years feels really weird.