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libre_dev wrote (edited )

Gender roles and autism. Mom suspects shyness, but it's more that I can't tell when someone is into me and I can't act on it for fear of social reprisals.

edit: Depression also doesn't help.


DissidentRage wrote

As someone who isn't autistic, sometimes telling interest is legit difficult. Different people have different ways of expressing it, and acting on something that would be one person's signal of interest with someone else can make for some pretty cringey awkwardness. You also have people who are very plainly interested but deny it or refuse to act on it, probably because of fears based on past history.


libre_dev wrote (edited )

Indeed. I'm just counting on the law of large numbers; so long as I'm out socializing and meeting new people on a regular basis someone who works should present themselves sooner or later. It's just overcoming how Sisyphean it feels