Walking home, what the fuck, just happened?

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Met up with a friend for some drinks at our local watering hole. I broke my foot about 3 weeks ago, was lucky enough to have friends that horde things like space boots for non-Healthcare having folks like me. Although I'm 40 I have never had a driver's license, so I am at the mercy of kind friends as I am not that mobile right now and am relying on rides to and from though I usually walk and bike. Last call comes early as usual, so me and my buddy go to leave. He is too drunk to drive so we decided to walk. At this point in the healing process I can get around much better and not fretting the 8 block walk. We live in a college town and our neighborhood was the ghetto when we moved in 15 years ago, now it's partially the student ghetto, slowly becoming more and more gentrified. My buddy lives a block and a half closer than me. We said our good nights hugged and I headed home. Half a block up a dude on a bike rides by with a beer and asks, 'you good?' I said I'm good and he continued on about his business. A moment later he shows up again and says I disrespected him, coming into his hood. I said I was just a half drunk dude walking home with a broken foot that's lived here for 15 years. He keeps going on about it. Another dude on a bike comes up behind me. So first dude says that I don't even realized how I fucked up. I'm a white dude in the ghetto, always have been, never had a problem, never seen these two before. As an anarchist, I was completely baffled. Do I need to check my privilege and somehow not see it or was this dude just looking to start some shit?


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mofongo wrote

If you lived there for 15 years and don't know, it's possible that he was trying to start shit.


Cheeks wrote

That's what I was thinking. But he told me he loved there his whole life... I have at least 10 years on the dude. 8 years ago helped run a weekly underground Cafe from a fenced in side yard in this neighborhood. Free but donations appreciated style. Built up this community to keep it from being more gentrified.


sudo wrote

Sounds like he's frustrated by gentrification, and he took his anger out on the wrong person.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

I think this. You might not have recognized him, because it sounds like he’s young and probably just starting looking adult enough to be threatening.

Regarding frustration, with gentrification comes more police and that’s legitimately dangerous for people of color. So, maybe for him seeing white people stroll around the place is a real threat.