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ergdj5 OP wrote

Nobody's proposing that learning Zulu or Sotho is the only thing people should do, or that it is a general cure for colonisation. I am not sure why that isn't clear.


therealmidnite wrote

White people don't need to learn different languages... they need to confront the realities of white supremacy and their own place in it (for which their own language is quite sufficient). The problem isn't that white people don't understand other people's cultures - the problem is that they don't understand their own. And this liberal self-help book style feel-good non-racialism (such as learning the "the others'" language to supposedly "understand" something they don't have a chance in hell of understanding anyway) has actually been an obstacle to achieving that - it's simply another way of externalizing the problem, when the problem is, in fact, internal. Being able to speak another person's language doesn't disqualify anyone from Washington's ditch. In fact, quite the opposite - it makes the dirty work more efficient. Just ask any South African cop.