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retiredaccount wrote

I think this brings up another question regarding minority languages overall; Belgium was never colonized or slaughtered, but the minority language of Walloon (Wallonia is the area that had constant strikes and huge labor unions) was repressed by French imperialism from the 1800s to 1900s wherein they basically ran the region as a puppet state with their own money. Presumably, this repression was to help culturally integrate the area and minimize their conflicts and strikes. These days, its spoken in only a few cities (especially the ones that are still furthest left) and areas, and seems to be on the decline- as anarchists, another question to ask is whether we should try to breathe life into these minority languages as another form of anti-imperialism or try to go with the currently prevailing languages as to best continue to communicate with those around us and those further away in a form of internationalism?

I don't mean to hijack a native-oriented thread with my European anecdotes (and will remove if requested, as that could be an entirely appropriate request), but I only want to note that this brings up a larger question about language that covers more than the settler states.