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ergdj5 OP wrote

Are you aware of how much of a close-minded asshole and a racist you're coming off as? You'd possibly benefit from reading this week's f/readinggroup submission, 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance.

In relation:

In 1606, the British finally succeeded in establishing their first permanent settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia. In 1620, Pilgrims (English Puritans) landed on the east coast also, establishing the Plymouth colony.
Meanwhile, Beothuks in Newfoundland had retaliated against a French attack in clashes that followed killed 37 French settlers. The French responded by arming Micmacs —traditional enemies of the Beothuks—and offering bounties for Beothuk scalps. This is believed to the origin of ‘scalp-taking’ by Native warriors; the stereotype of Native ‘savagery’ was in fact introduced by the French and, later, the Dutch.