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plast wrote

Anarchism as I perceive is the replacement of the state with the people. It needs to be decentralized, liberating, and completely voluntary. Military insurrection is absurd. Ignoring the fact that it would be put down easily, despots and tankies would likely come into power and start a regime. Reformism wont work for hundreds of reasons, the largest being that it involves the state to work. In my opinion the only way for America to be fixed is the implementation of dual power. People will turn to the state if their needs are neglected. For instance, they'll support engorging the state if they dont have food. We must give them bread. We must provide safety. We must construct an alternate world within the state based on equality, mutual aid, and freedom. We stay of politics, we do the dirty work, and we help people. Thats it.

More specifically, here's what you can do personally:

-Use linux and support free software-

Technology is big part of our lives. Making sure its free is vital. Use free/open source software whenever and wherever you can. Its based on principles that respect the user, rather than prey on them.

-Get involved in local efforts to improve the area- River cleanups, removing litter off beaches, soup kitchens and things of that nature. Help people on the local level and help cultivate a culture of mutual aid. Stay away from massive charities as they tend to be profit hunger companies. If you want to get involved in a large charity make sure its workings are transparent and that it has no ulterior motives(this is rarely the case). LOCAL GOVERNMENT WILL BE TEMPTING. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH IT. Being able to affect change in politics quickly and effectively has massive appeal, but any form of the state is not to be supported

-Limit consumption- Try to switch to a plant based diet and not to engage in consumer culture. Media is okay to watch, but make sure that you pirate almost all of it. Dont support these massive companies, leech off of them and watch them bleed. A plant based diet does more than you think and piracy is fun for you and free. Be careful though.

-Avoid protests and pamphlets- When I was younger these were a popular trap. Young people with "revolutionary" take to the streets and stick it to the man. They'll tell you disruption of the status quo is paramount. Its not. Its mostly to give you a false sense of accomplishment and let you LARP as some badass insurrectionist. Take that energy and put into helping your fellow humans and community. Also, refrain from getting involved in the nitty gritty of IRL anarchists. Alot of them start little groups that, rather than help people, just consist of them complaining and saying how everything is futile.

-Dont get involved with the state- NO REFORMISM

Those are just some steps to start.

Not every leftist is your friend. Many will try to make you stop your efforts. Saying that helping your community is somehow reformism. Alot of them are simply burnt out and casting their bitterness on others. Do your part, nudge others in the right direction, dont use the state.

Good luck OP.