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ziq wrote

I've tried to engage with redditors, but even the 'anarchist' ones are straight up reactionaries the moment their whitepriv senses start to tingle. I've even been flooded with downvotes for badmouthing the US military on r/@.

It's an important job for sure, but a job for someone who can keep their rage in check.


Pop wrote

if it's organised, there's potentially space for many types of people

for example, you could just make memes and not get involved with conversations and it would prevent the harm you're trying to avoid


ziq wrote

Something tells me my memes would get a cold reception on r/completeanarchy :p

But someone else reading should do that. Or if ppl have ideas for memes that won't incite rage in white middle class Americans but no Gimp skills, they can write them down and others can make them into memes.