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Fossidarity OP wrote

I don't think engaging in the Reddit community would be a fun thing for me.

Reading groups are really nice but it tends to disengage people who are not into reading. I would love to see more activity in /f/readingclub but I was thinking about something with a bit more hands-on approach.


Pop wrote

it's not more hands on, but for those people who aren't into reading (do we have those here?), u/selver started working on a film club.

I don't know what something effective with a hands-on approach looks like when we're spread all over the world, unless maybe it's programming-related, but that's even a smaller group than those who like reading


sand wrote

"hands-on" might also be too much for people that have barely gotten to know each other! at this point, the casual project tier of reading/film clubs (and similar ideas?) is the ground where i think cool things will grow


RosaReborn wrote

Thanks for tip about the film club, I'll definitely be joining that!