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RosaReborn wrote

I do or at least I did as a kid, I watched one of the new movies and it was pretty fun but it can't compare to that feeling you had as a kid. I liked the DBZ Abridged series on youtube, I would would watch it with my guy friends in uni however the humor in it, especially the early ones, is incredibly geared to immature college age guys. Some parts are still really funny and it captures the feel of DBZ well.


cosekantphi wrote

Honestly, I'd say the abridged series is better than the original. It gets the point across without several episodes of clenching and screaming.


sudo wrote

Yeah, and they develop the characters more. If you can make it past the first seven or so episodes, and if the occasional bigoted joke doesn't completely turn you off to a series, then it's really good, and it only gets better as the episodes go on. I just wish they didn't decide to become a business. The profit motive inevitably ruins all grassroots projects, and I can see it beginning to take its toll on TFS.

If you haven't yet, check out Sword Art Online abridged. It's easily 20x better than the original show.