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selver wrote (edited )

From the /r/postleftanarchism sidebar:

  1. The Left
  • critiquing the Left as nebulous, anachronistic, distracting, a failure & at key points a counterproductive force historically ("the left wing of capital")

  • critiquing Leftist activists for political careerism, celebrity culture, self-righteousness, privileged vanguardism & martyrdom

  • critiquing the tendency of Leftists to insulate themselves in academia, scenes & cliques while also attempting to opportunistically manage struggles

  1. Ideology
  • a Stirner-esque critique of dogma & ideological thinking as a distinct phenomenon in favor of "critical self-theory" at individual & communal levels
  1. Morality
  • a moral nihilist critique of morality/reified values/moralism
  1. Organizationalism
  • critiquing permanent, formal, mass, mediated, rigid, growth-focused modes of organization in favor of temporary, informal, direct, spontaneous, intimate forms of relation

  • critiquing Leftist organizational patterns' tendencies toward managerialism, reductionism, professionalism, substitutionism & ideology

  • critiquing the tendencies of unions & Leftist organizations to mimic political parties, acting as racketeers/mediators, with cadre-based hierarchies of theoretician & militant or intellectual & grunt, defailting toward institutionalization & ritualizing a meeting-voting-recruiting-marching pattern

  1. Identity Politics
  • critiquing identity politics insofar as it preserves victimization-enabled identities & social roles (i.e. affirming rather than negating gender, class, etc.) & inflicts guilt-induced paralysis, amongst others

  • critiquing single-issue campaigns or orientations

  1. Values
  • moving beyond anarchISM as a static historical praxis into anarchY as a living praxis

  • focusing on daily life & the intersectionality thereof rather than dialectics / totalizing narratives (except anarcho-primitivists tend toward epistemology)

  • emphasizing personal autonomy & a rejection of work (as forced labor, alienated labor, workplace-centricity)

  • critiquing Enlightenment notions of Cartesian dualities, rationalism, humanism, democracy, utopia, etc.

  • critiquing industrial notions of mass society, production, productivity, efficiency, "Progress", technophilia, civilization (esp. in anti-civilization tendencies)

Not every person who considers themself post-left will agree with all of that, and may have strong disagreements with a lot of it. But those are the general trends.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Thanks. Actually helpful.

So, as I understand it, it’s more a critique of what “leftism” is/has become culturally verses anti-left theory all together? I.e. the ways that “radical” “leftism” becomes another form of fascism and illegitimate power.


selver wrote (edited )

No problem. I didn't include them, but there's a bunch of the popular essays listed in the sidebar too.

Post-left anarchism comes out of radical left politics, so in that sense it's not anti-left theory all together, but I think most all post-lefts would criticize hanging onto the idea/categorization of "the left."

The Emptiness of "The Left"

Leftism 101

Anarchists, Don’t let the Left(overs) Ruin your Appetite

From Politics to Life: Ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone