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GrimWillow wrote

Not saying what my job is, but they are happy that I'm on Raddle, as I was the one that introduced them to it. They also browse here and we discuss articles at work.


ziq wrote (edited )

Warehouse attendant and my boss vocally hates commies and anarchists but didnt do much when some shit ppl emailed him about my online activity.


Cheeks wrote

Dispatch for a mom and pop restaurant delivery service. For May day the boss suggested I mass message our 20+ coworkers about the Haymarket martyrs and the historical significance of May 1st, and to inform them that we will be closed until 6pm so any of us that wanted too could participate in the celebration downtown. So... 8 don't think my using of raddle to be problematic for them.


mofongo wrote

Customer service, I don't think they would care.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Finance. And no. First, they probably wouldn’t take it seriously. Second, they’re generally for democracy, privacy and freedom.


ziq_is_ruining_everything wrote

Security guard at a museum, my job consists of doing nothing. And no, they won't fire me for using Raddle.